Performance and Rehearsal Schedule

Performance schedule

We produce three main shows each year:

  • Spring performance – Usually at the Electric Theatre, Guildford
  • Summer performance – Usually at Guildford’s historic Castle Grounds or in the Castle Keep
  • Autumn production  – Usually at  a site specific location

 Drama Festivals

Between all of that, we like to take part in  Drama Festivals – Here are some of our successes:

“Party” 2014:

  • Leatherhead Drama Festival: Winners of the Michael Caine Award for Best Performance in the adult category. Andy Fairweather: Nomination for Best Actor, Kirsty Lane: Nomination for Best Actress, Marie Gardner: Special Mention for Direction.

“Party” 2013:

  • Woking Drama FestivalJonathan Cotterill : Winner of Best Supporting Actor , Kirsty Lane:  Nomination for Best Supporting Actress, Leo Lyon: Nomination for Best Lighting.
  • Spelthorne Drama Festival :Kirsty Lane and Alison Nichol: joint winners of Best Actress, Pranksters : Runners up award for Best Performance at the festival, Pranksters: Winners of Best Stage Presentation, Jonathan Cotterill: Nomination for Best Actor, Dan Bundy: Nomination for Best Supporting Actor, Marie Gardner: Nomination for Best Director,  Pranksters: Nomination for  Best Comedy Performance

“The Infant “2012:

  • Leatherhead Drama Festival: Philip Hutchinson : Nomination for Best Actor
  • Woking Drama Festival: Philip Hutchinson: Winner of Best Actor, Marie Gardner: Nomination for Best Actress, Tony Carpenter: Nomination for Best Supporting  Actor.

“Hidden in This Picture” 2011:

  • 2 nominations for best actor (Leatherhead and Woking), Nathan Jones :winner of Best Supporting Actor (Woking), Leo Lyons : Lighting award (Woking) and Pranksters won 2nd place overall (Woking)
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Rehearsal schedule

Rehearsals are usually held in Guildford, two/three times a week, evenings and often Sunday afternoons. These will vary from show to show.