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29th March - 1st April 2017

Electric Theatre, Guildford

Pranksters Theatre Company presented Ben Jonson’s “Volpone” at the Electric Theatre. A satirical comedy on the lust for money and the affect of greed. A contemporary of Shakespeare; Volpone is Jonson's most performed play.

Volpone is a rich man. He is rich beyond most people's wildest dreams and from his death-bed he hungers for more. With the whiff of a dying man's wealth, the local circle of 'Vultures' and 'Crows' will stop at nothing for a sniff. But wait, who is deceiving who? Is it Volpone or his scavengers?

Volpone - Tim Brown
Mosca - Amy Scott
Voltore - Kate Webb
Corbaccio - Bob Horn
Corvinio - Phil Snell
Celia - Debby Dean
Bonario - Henry Quinton-Zorn
Lady Politik- Samantha Swanborough
Sir Politik - Ian McShee
Peregrine - Ian Creese
Nano - Marie Gardner
Androgyne - Kirsty Lane
Castrate - John Young
Ensemble - Rob Greaves, Ian Creese

Director - Mark Ashdown
Stage Manger - Sarah Blacker
Assistant Stage Manger - Rachel Perrin
Producer - Marie Gardner
Costumes - Jenny Swift
Lighting and sound - Leo Lyon