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Two by Jim Cartwright

The Keep Pub, Guildford

Weds 7th-Sun 11th February 2018


Another sell out performance from The Pranksters Theatre Company, in a brilliant site specific show, with great audience reviews.
The Landlord and Landlady are constantly bickering but have a tragic secret to be revealed. They welcome their customers, including the couple who love to watch old cowboy movies on telly, the old man fondly remembering his late wife, the young man who thinks he is more irresistible than he really is, the 'other woman' wanting to confront her lover, a couple in an abusive relationship and a few more. Funny, moving, poignant. 

A play set in a pub and performed in a pub! From Weds 7th-Sun 11th February 2018 in The Keep pub, Guildford.

Landord - Ed Draycott
Landlady - Charlotte Lamb
Old Woman - Jenny Swift
Moth - Ian McShee
Maudie - Sam Weems
Old Man - Bob Horn
Mrs Iger - Anne Leggett
Mr Iger - Phil Snell
Roy - Gavin Byrne
Lesley - Victoria Marston
Fred - Daniel Kelly
Alice - Elizabeth Loveder
Woman - Rachel Stanton
Boy/puppeteer - Amy Scott