The Comedy of Errors

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Guildford Castle Grounds

Show Dates: July 2022



Antipholus of Syracuse Michael Thonger
Dromio of Syracuse Charlotte Lamb
Antipholus of Ephesus Richard Copperwaite
Dromio of Ephesus Jeremy Gooding
Egeon (Antipholus’ father)/Guard Phil Snell
Amelia (their mother) Pru Lunberg
Adriana Melissa Pearce
Luciana (her sister) Alex Gold
Duke/Balthasar Dil Peeling
Nell/Courtesan Jessica Hofgartner-Griffiss
Merchants Rick Buckman-Drage
Angela (a goldsmith) Eleanor Shaikh
Pinch Jonathan Young
Guard Joe Hall


Directed by Jen Haynes
Assistant Director Jenny Swift
Lighting and Sound Leo Lyon
Costumes/props Jenny Swift
Makeup Melissa Pearce
Front of House marshals Pranksters members