The Playboy of the Western World

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The Playboy of the Western World

The Back Room at Star Inn, Guildford

19th-22nd November 2018


Pegeen - Emily Quinton-Zorn
Christy Mahon - Jeremy Gooding
Shawn Keogh - Ronan Newton
Michael James - Rick Buckman-Drage
Jimmy Farrell - Joe Hall
Philly Cullen - Bob Horn
Widow Quin - Melissa Pearce
Old Mahon - Ed Draycott
Sara Tansey - Amy Scott
Susan Brady - Alice Walsh
Honor Blake - Tbc
Biddy Byrne - Jenny Swift
Kitty O'Connor - Kate Webb
Pat O'Malley - Jon Young


Not much happens in an isolated village on the wild cost of Mayo at the turn of the last century. So when a dishevelled and frightened young man staggers into the local pub, claiming he has murdered his father, naturally he is heralded as a hero! Christy Mahon can hardly believe his change of fortune when he is given shelter by Pegeen, the landlord’s daughter (who has conveniently forgotten her plans to marry the dull Shawn) and, also pursued by the Widow Quinn, he reflects “I’m thinking this night, wasn’t I a foolish fellow not to kill my father in the years gone by.”
It just gets better for Christy when, next morning, the local girls come to see the famous murderer and hear his terrifying tale. Winning all the races down on the beach as well as the heart of Pegeen, what could possibly go wrong?