Midsummer Nights Dream

Midsummer Nights Dream

It's the 1970's and the MADS (the newly formed
Mechanicals Amateur Dramatic Society, workers for
Shakespeare Construction Ltd) are meeting to rehearse
their first production. Not only are they interrupted by
the MD and office staff having a picnic but a mischievous
Puck (bearing a strange resemblance to Ziggy Stardust)
works her magic to transport everyone into the world
of dreams and fairies - not forgetting the donkey!



The Management of Shakespeare Construction Ltd

Phil Snell The MD/Theseus
His Wife/Hippolyta Tessa Duggleby
Chief Accountant/Egeus David Clegg
The Lovers Secretary/Hermia Caroline James
Office Boy/Lysander Dean Brewer
Receptionist/Helena Amy Scott
Accounts Trainee/Demetrius Joe Hall
The Workers Typing Pool Supervisor/ Rita Quince Pru Lunberg
Brickie/Nick Bottom
Oli Bruce Electrician/Frank Flute
Sam Gould Foreman/Tom Snout Rick Buckman-Drage
Joiner/John Snug Jonathan Young
The Fairies Oberon JP Judson
Titania Eleanor Shaikh/Charlotte Lamb
Puck Malin Karp Peaseblossom Alex Gold
Cobweb Alice Gray
Mustard Seed Livvy Gorham


Directed by
Jennifer Haynes
Assisted by
Jenny Swift
Lighting and Sound
Leo Lyon
Jenny Swift /Jennifer Haynes
Alex Gold/J P Judson
Poster design and video
Philip Hutchinson
Front of House
Pranksters Members

Thanks to:

John Sherringham of Front of House Photography,
Peter Sillick for photography and video
and everyone who has helped in any way with this production.