Henry V

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Henry V

By William Shakespeare

Guildford Castle

June 2014

Young and brash King Henry V of England sets out to repair his broken nation after a bloody civil war, and discovers the challenges of leadership are greater than he ever imagined. From Henry's rousing battle speeches to courting the Princess of France, Shakespeare explores what makes a man a king... and a king a man!


The year is 1415. King Henry is about to take the biggest gamble of his reign and claim the crown of France. Travel with him and his soldiers from the shores of England to the muddy fields of France and his great victory at Agincourt.
Pranksters Theatre Company’s production of Shakespeare’s epic tale of Kingship, power and love will be performed using the spectacular setting of Guildford’s Castle Keep and grounds as it’s stage.
Henry V is another exciting production for The Pranksters and chosen as one of 100 productions nationwide participating in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Open Stages project

RSC Open Stages

Henry V was preformed as part of the RSC open stages project

Photos below of Directors Anne and Jenny attended the RSC Open Stages Directors workshops and had a fabulous time.