Death by Fatal Murder

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Death by Fatal Murder

By Peter Gordon

The Stoke, Pub & Pizzeria

Set in 1940 deep in the English country side the hapless Inspector Pratt investigates a murder at the mysterious Bagshot House. Aided Constable Thompkins (or is it the other way around?!) Pratt interrogates the residents including Welsh busybody and clairvoyant, Blodwyn Morgan, Italian gigolo Enzo and Ginny Farquhar the land girl. He also crosses paths with the nosy Miss Maple who seems to cause the body count to rise wherever she visits!


Inspector Pratt - Ed Draycott
Constable Thompkins - Ashley Horne
Enzo Garibaldi - Tim Brown
Roger (Squadron Leader) - Phil Snell
Blodwyn - Gilly Fick
Miss Maple - Anne Leggett
Nancy - Samantha Foulstone
Ginny - Holly Yorston
Detective Inspector Hastings - Rachel Perrin
Constable Watson - Jeremy Gooding