Six Characters Looking for an Author

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Six Characters Looking for an Author

9th - 12th November 2016

The Electric Theatre

The Story

We are delighted to announce that our Winter production, at the Electric Theatre as part of a Festival of Community Theatre, will be the haunting and mysterious "Six Characters in Search of an Author". Described as one of the most extraordinary plays of the 20th century, and set appropriately in a theatre.

Six Characters cast

The Theatre Company
Director - Marie Gardner
Stage Manager. - Oli Bruce
ASM - Mike Cutchey
Costumes - Ellie Ponsford

Acting Ensemble
Leading actor - Ian Creese
Diva'actress - Rachel Perrin
Young actor - Henry Quinton-Zorn
Actress - Liz Franklin-Kitchen
Actress - Amy Yorston
Actor - Ian McShee
Father - Ed Draycott
Stepdaughter - Emily Quinton-Zorn
Mother - Linda Ashdown
Son - Jeremy Gooding
Madame Pace - Jenny Swift
Young boy - Logan
Young girl - Esme 

Meet The Cast


Ed Draycott




Who are you playing?

Father – One of the six eponymous characters who has made some very strange choices in life and has terrible remorse as a result. Each of the six characters represents something of our emotional lives, but there is much more to them than that. Each began life in the creative mind of the real author - Luigi Pirandello – and, in this exploration, desperately seeks a writer who can finish their drama and allow them to finally act out their parts.

"6 Characters" in 3 words:  

Many different layers.

What are you enjoying most about the production?

I always enjoy being part of a Pranksters’ production, and this is a real gem. I particularly like the contrasts between the actors and the characters, the humour and strangeness of the whole set-up. It’s a pleasure to see this play take shape and be with a cast that bring it all to life with such passion. I think we are all finding that this production has layer upon layer to explore.

How long have you been with the Pranksters?

I joined the Pranksters in July 2013 for The Cherry Orchard. I had never tried acting before that. Apart from the great company and lots of fun, I’ve really enjoyed playing people that are not me. Or at least I don’t think they are.

Who is your favourite author/playwright?

My favourite author is Stephen King because he has a unique ability to transfer the world and people he imagines directly into your mind. It would be hard for me to pick a favourite playwright.

Linda Ashdown


Who are you playing?

I am playing ‘The Mother’ of four of the characters. I am all feeling, spectating and the consummate figure of grief.

" 6 characters" in 3 words?

Emotional, layered, challenging

What are you enjoying the most about this production?

The mixture of terror and excitement about acting again. Getting to know the lovely cast and working with them to unravel the layers of this fascinating play.

How long have you been performing with Pranksters?

This is my first play with the Pranksters, following in the footsteps of my husband, daughter and son who have all performed in Pranksters productions. My last role was the pantomime dame’s son (yes really..) in a charity fundraiser ‘Robin of Bourne Woods’ which I also helped direct. The Panto raised over 20 thousand pounds for the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in Farnham so I am really proud to have been part of it.

Who is your favourite author/playwright?

I love history, especially London history so the author would have to be Peter Ackroyd. I also love French history, in particular the period around the French Revolution. One of my favourite playwrights Beaumarchais participated in the Revolution.

Emily Quinton-Zorn


Who are you playing?

Stepdaughter - along with the Father, she is possibly the most 'realised' of the characters. Despite this she has a fixed mask of vengeance and won't stop until they have staged the drama. She is obsessed with her own self-image.

6 characters in 3 words?

Intriguing, haunting, complex

What are you enjoying the most about this production?

As we delve further into the play, we discover layer upon layer of story, emotion and intrigue which really makes for an interesting performance both as an individual and as a cast!

How long have you been performing with Pranksters?

This is only my second play with Pranksters - my last being The Railway Children where I played the role of Phyllis. The polar opposite of the Stepdaughter that's for sure!

Who is your favourite author/playwright and why?

I couldn't possibly say a favourite playwright as there are so many I love, depending what mood I am in, I love a bit of variety! Erm....does JK Rowling count??

Jeremy Gooding 

Hi, my names Jez, I've been performing with the pranksters for about two years and this is my fifth play. My last play was Jerusalem directed by the very talented Marie Gardner who coincidentally plays the director in this play. I had a small part as one of the council officials who are trying to evict Rooster from the Caravan site. It was great to be part of such a big production the experience was unforgetable. This play is a much smaller and more intimate production.

Who are you playing?

I play a character simply called 'the son' who is a moody malcontent who's motivations become more apparent as the play progresses. Im finding being on stage for long periods (there aren't really scene changes) an interesting challenge and I love the mysterious nature of Pirendellos writing.

6 Characters in 3 words?

Not The Waltons

My favourite author/ playwright?

Probably Jez Butterworth although I have to confess I only know Jerusalem but his writing is so relevant.

Esme Perrin



"The Girl"

6 Characters in 3 words?

Nice, great and a little scary.

What are you enjoying most about being in this show?

Everything and being a mini prankster.

What have you done previously with Pranksters?

I performed in the Railway children in July as a mini Perk's child.

My Favourite author?

Roald Dahl. He writes such good stories that I get zapped into them. And I like midsummers night dream by William Shakespeare.