The Boy on the Swing

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by Joe Harbot

Guildford Fringe Festival

Show dates: 10th & 11th July

The Star Inn, Guildford

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About the Show

"Hello? Hello? Is this God?"
Earl is a regular guy. He's got a job, he's got friends, he isn’t alone. He is, however, lost. Not geographically but spiritually. So when a bizarre business card seems to offer answers, he's going to grab them. But is a phone call really all it takes?
The Boy on A Swing is a dark comedy about corporations, greed and…well God! With snappy dialogue and intriguing plot it's a perfect small show to have fun with over the summer.
“Joe Harbot's kooky comedy combines Kafkaesque bewilderment with the daftness of Douglas Adams.” – Time Out London
"I'm really happy to be directing for Pranksters again and "I love how quirky this piece is - we're going to have a lot of fun with language and creating the physicality of the characters."
Director: Amy Yorston



Cast Details 

Earl Hunt – Ray Murphy
Donald Trust - Mike Cutchley
William Hope – Gilly Fick
Jim Young – Rachel Perrin
Old Man – Phil Snell