As You Like It

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As You Like It by William Shakespeare

Guildford Castle Grounds

21st-29th July

About the Show

The Pranksters summer show in Guildford Castle Grounds takes us back to 1977, the year the company was created, and sees Rosalind, Celia, Touchstone and Orlando escaping Jubilee and Punk London to join a motley crew (including Jaques) in the heart of Epping Forest. 'Love is in the Air', dont you know!
Cast & Crew
Orlando - Henry Quinton-Zorn
Oliver (his brother) - Jeremy Gooding
Duke Freddie - Daniel Kelly
Celia (his daughter) - Rachel Perrin
Rosalind (her cousin) - Amy Scott
Touchstone - Ian McShee
Charles (the wrestler) - Joe Hall
Le Beau - Oliver Bruce
Adam - Jonathan Young
Annie - Jenny Swift
Duke Senior - Ed Draycott
Jaques - Jp Judson
Corin - Ian Creese
Silvius - Rob Greaves
Phebe - Emily Quinton-Zorn
Audrey - Alice Walsh
William - Joe Hall
Jack - Oliver Bruce

Director - Jen Hayes
Lighting - Leo Lyons