Amongst Barbarians

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Amongst Barbarians by Michael Wall

Pranksters present a Play in a Month

The Stoke Pub, Stoke Road, Guildford (Function Room)

The cast and crew rehearsed Amongst Barbarians in just four weeks!  They worked flat out for the performance at the of the month. A challenge enjoyed by all involved.

The Story

Two young men – one English, one American – are awaiting execution in a Malaysian prison for heroin smuggling.  Both their families come out to try and save their lives, but they are so dysfunctional they end up doing more harm than good.  The BBC made a drama of the piece about 25 years ago, starring David Jason and Kathy Burke.

Clips filmed from the highly-charged performance of AMONGST BARBARIANS on Saturday evening...
NB : There is very strong language and insulting terms throughout!