Direct with us!

We are always looking for talented directors to join our fold. If you think thats you why not get in touch with us.

Guidelines for Directors pitching for a show

  1. You need to be an experienced Director for the Pranksters or another group, or have directed a Pranksters play-in-a-day/month, or been Assistant Director for a Pranksters show.
  2. You should put in a choice of at least two different shows – they could be both for the same slot/venue, or two different ones. Please specify which slot and which venue you are pitching for each play and why.
  3. The cast. Please give an idea of cast number, rough ages and break-down of male/female roles available.
  4. The target audience –e.g. is the production suitable for a student audience? Why do you think it will appeal?
  5. Brief summary of the plot of each play that you submit
  6. Why do you think the play is suitable for the Pranksters? (have a look on the website for a list of all our past productions if you are not sure!)
  7. Please submit a draft budget for each play/production. This should include the royalties (if applicable), costumes (e.g. is it period?), set, props.  In addition, there will be the publicity/printing costs, the Electric Theatre charges (if for this venue), rehearsal room hire (at the moment £25 per evening, so estimate how many rehearsals you will need).  Please ask for a copy of a balance sheet for a previous production if you need more detail.
  8. Any other information you feel the committee should know in order to make a choice.

If you would like to submit a proposals contact us by email.