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Do you have a talent for, or an interest in, acting, directing, producing, stage management, set building, costume, prop making, sound or any other stage-related discipline? Whether you want to rekindle an old hobby, develop a current one, or you’ve just always had a hankering to get involved in amateur theatre but never got round to it, come and join us now.

All of the production and staging is carried out by members of the group.  Staging a play involves a wide range of activities, including set design and building, lighting and sound production, costume and make-up and stage management.


We produce around 3 to 4 shows each year and welcome newcomers of all ages, whether experienced or trying it for the first time. You could have a main part in one show and be a dead body in the next. Being an enthusiastic and committed part of the team is the priority.

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We produce around  3 to 4 shows a year. We ask that directors are experienced with the Pranksters or another group, or have directed a Pranksters play-in-a-day/month, or been Assistant Director for a Pranksters show.

Find out how to put forward a play and to see the open slots we have coming up: Direct with us!


We like to think of our backstage crew as an elite team of ninjas!
Whatever your background or expertise, you are welcome – it is the combined efforts of everyone in the group that make our shows possible.

Set Building

In the weeks leading up to the show, it’s always all hands to the deck to try to create the props and sets that are the icing on the cake of our productions. With little trade skills or DIY knowhow between us, we are keen on increasing our set building team.  If you have a trade, plenty of DIY experience, enthusiasm or just some creative ideas we would love for you to join our group and help to create these sets!


We are fortunate to have our own costume store, packed with a huge range of costumes. If this is an area that interests you, we would love you to get involved.

Other Roles

As well as the roles already mentioned there are always so many other functions backstage that help to put a production together. Lighting, Properties, Publicity, and Front of House  are some of the other responsibilities. This is a great way to be involved in the group and help with the smooth running of the productions.

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