About Us

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A little bit about us

The Pranksters Theatre Company is an amateur dramatics theatre group that was formed in 1977 in Guildford, Surrey. We pride ourselves on producing ambitious, innovative and creative performances with a BIG IDEA every year to bring a new angle to theatre for our audiences.

We are a group a friendly and sociable group with a professional attitude who love theatre!

What we get up to

The Pranksters Theatre Company have been putting on entertaining, sometimes ground breaking stage performances for over 38 years.

There are over 50 regular members of the drama group providing stage crew, actors, directors, sound and lighting.We always welcome new members, so contact us  for further details.

We are also a very social bunch; find out what we get up to, and come and join us some time. 

Who are The Pranksters?

In the thirty-seven years since that time, The Pranksters have presented scores of plays in varying venues, including the Bellerby Theatre (sadly now demolished), The Mill Studio (Yvonne Arnaud), St. Mary’s Church, Guildford High Street and Guildhall, Guildford Castle Keep, The Star and The Stoke Pubs and, of course, the Electric Theatre and Castle Grounds.

Plays range from ancient to modern and, of course, Shakespeare. As for the actual Pranksters themselves, although there are a few who are long-time members and others who have been around for a while, we also have a great collection of newer Pranksters who add to the energy and enthusiasm of the company. So we really are a mixed bunch, all with a love of theatre!

As well as rehearsing and staging plays and entering Drama Festivals (with some success!), we get together regularly at the Stoke Pub (and have mixed quiz success!), hold play-readings and occasional workshops, support other groups by visiting their productions at the Electric, make other theatre visits (Shakespeare’s Globe etc.), run an annual Play in a Day (this year, Play in a Month) and invade the Edinburgh Fringe in August.

Did you wonder why we are called ‘The Pranksters’?

Well, those hippies amongst you may recall Jack Kerouac (poet) and more likely, Ken Kesey (he of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”) who, in the 1960’s, drove a psychedelic bus (The Magic Bus) around California! They called their group The Merry Pranksters.

In 1977, professional actor Jack O’Connor decided to form a theatre company in Guildford and, being a fan of Keroac and Kesey, thought there was no better name for the company than The Pranksters!