Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

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Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

Audition Date: Monday 7th January

Staged in Guildford Castle Gardens from Friday 5th to Saturday 13th July


A timeless love story set in a city torn apart by feuds and gang warfare and in the month after which the heroine is named – a July where ‘these hot days, is the mad blood stirring’ – The Pranksters move the time to the early 1960s.  Think La Dolce Vita, pavement cafes, Italian pop music playing on the juke box, ice creams and a shadowy mafia.

Roles & Playing Ages

  • Mercutio (25-40)               Romeo’s friend, witty, bawdy
  • Paris (25-40)                        Juliet’s parents’ choice of a husband for her
  • Capulet (50-60+)                Juliet’s father, seemingly nice but with a dark side
  • Signora Capulet (40-50)   Juliet’s mother
  • Juliet (16 +)                          Capulets’ daughter and only child
  • Tybalt (25-45)                     Juliet’s cousin, brooding, vengeful
  • Nurse (40-50)                     She has been Juliet’s main carer
  • Father Lawrence (50-60+) The Catholic priest, wise counsellor but out of his depth
  • Romeo (20-25)                   Montague’s son, formerly in love with Rosaline
  • Montague (50-60+ )           Romeo’s father and rival to Capulet
  • Signora Montague (40-50) Romeo’s mother
  • Brother John (any age)     Another priest
  • Benvolio (25-35)                Romeo’s friend, nephew of Montague
  • Prince (40-60+)                  Possibly the Mayor of the City
  • The Apothecary (any age) Destitute.  Sells Romeo the fatal drugs
  • Samson and Gregory (25-40)     Capulets
  • Abram and Sophia (25-40)          Montagues



Auditions will be held on Monday 7th January at 8pm. 
To register interest contact us via email (