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We usually hold 2 audition sessions and on particularly large casts or high demand shows we will hold a call back. 

We know for a lot of people that am dram is a new scary step, so we try to put you at ease as much as possible. Our auditions are friendly group auditions where we give you a chance to run through sections of the scripts in groups. Directors will send out scripts via email before the audition, and on the day talk to the group about what they want to achieve and how the perceive the characters. 

There are usually a number of committee members present, at auditions. They are super friendly and there to help. 

Up Coming Show Auditions


Steel Magnolias (Spring Show) 
Date to be announce. Check back soon or email us. 
Revengers Tragedy (Summer Show)
Date to be announce. Check back soon or email us. 


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