An Investigation

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An Investigation by Philip Hutchinson

The Spike, Guildford

6th-9th December

About the Show

We re delighted to announce that in December Pranksters will be returning to The Spike, Guildford’s old workhouse museum for a site-specific play written by our very own Philip Hutchinson. 

Under the premise of the audience attending a ghost investigation, after a briefing the ‘investigation team’ will lead small groups into various rooms within the Spike where a ‘story’ will be told connected to the space they’re in. The groups will visit every room over the course of the performance, where things will happen - shadows of people, faces at windows, sudden sounds and much much more!!). After each group has completed their tour of the rooms, they will all return to the investigation room where things will really kick off!... No spoilers for now but it is guaranteed to be a spooky evening! 

This production won’t be suitable for children but, like the best stories, it will be about what you don’t see rather than what you do and for anyone who knows the Spike it is a perfect space for this.